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I get to begin adding classes at 10:30 tonight...so depending on what is available I've narrowed down a few choices:

Monday 6-10 pm (lecture and lab together, basically) - Statistics. This will get all of my stats out of the way at the beginning of the week. It's a long run, but it would be nice to just work on Stats homework each weekend, go to class on Monday, and be done for the week. That said, this is filling up fast so I will probably end up in the regular daytime classes instead. SO not looking forward to this class. Every time I bring it up that I haven't taken it yet, other psych majors who have taken it always say "It's not that bad." Even if I don't tell them my opinion about it, lol. I guess everyone dreads this class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Cognition or Learning, Special Topics in the History of Science (or any other upper level history class that sounds interesting and/or fits my schedule), History 265 (required for my minor).

Online (hopefully): KIN 215...stupid health class everyone has to take. Total blow-off even if I end up having to take the physical class instead of taking it online.

I have to decide between Cognition and Learning. I am more interested in Cognition as a subject, but the class is huge (120 seats) and I'm afraid I wouldn't get to foster any sort of relationship with the professor like I'm hoping to do in my last couple semesters. The Learning class is smaller, and I've taken the professor twice before and got an "A" each time. If I do well in Learning, I could get a good letter of recommendation out of it. Even though Learning is a little too behaviorist for my taste, I'm going to try to get into Learning if it doesn't fill up before 10:30 (since it's smaller, there are less seats). I will take Cognition in the fall if I don't take it this spring; cognition is my favorite part of psychology (besides abnormal psych, anyway).
I'm also afraid of overloading myself the semester I have to take Stats, but I may have to add another history or psy course because it's getting down to the wire. I guess I'd rather add too much and drop than add too little and end up staying an extra semester.


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