Dec. 3rd, 2010

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 So today I went to speak with the graduate advisor for history. He was nice and we talked about me earning an MA in History as a step toward either teaching or librarianship, and he said that I sound like a good candidate for the program. So I might be staying here just long enough to get the MA. I'll apply to one or two other places as well, and if they all accept me it will probably come down to what would be the best financial decision (cost of attendance vs. funding I would receive). Of course I don't want to stay in Texas any longer, but it might be the smartest choice. 
No matter which school I decide to attend, I'll be moving out. I can't take living at home anymore. I would love to have my own 1 bedroom or studio apartment (Jon can live with me too if he wants, lol, but he is staying put until he graduates), but I think that is probably unrealistic. I never liked having roommates; I need more control over my space and more privacy than that. But even living with strangers seems more appealing than living at home. 

I changed my schedule around a little bit. I am taking the History of Science class after all, a different world history class (because the graduate advisor guy teaches it and I want him to like me, lol), and I dropped the other world history course and the philosophy course. 

I seriously need a haircut, but I'm so broke right now. I have some money, but it is all for Christmas gifts. I think mom will take me out after finals and pay for me to get a haircut if I'm nice to her. Ok, so there are still  some advantages to living at home. XD

Lately I've been interested in reading about early U.S. feminists. I bought The Woman's Bible from Amazon and started reading last night; this is the most excited I've been while reading a book since Unweaving the Rainbow. If I taught a course in American Women's History, I think this would be required reading. 


pierianspring: A photo of myself. (Default)

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